Prose and Poetry for Pain

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Everything Crumbled in my Hands

Do you remember when we used to send those novella-like messages? But it seemed like they were never enough. We would talk about anything, everything. That was my world, your words. But suddenly, everything changed. The trail of paragraphs was gone missing in a blink of an eye.

I can’t believe how fast someone can tear down a world. You removed the world where my solace lived. Even now, I can still remember how my fingertips bleed in agony, salvaging piece by piece what remained, still everything crumbled in my hands.

And I, I refused to see the panoptic view of your absence. To this day, when You ooze out, I would still close my eyes and push the thought of how broken we became. Most days though, I would just stare at the asteroids orbiting around the new world I’m in and you’re a comet, circling around then gone in a minute.

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