Prose and Poetry for Pain

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I Walked Alone But Then You Came

I walked alone but then you came. I was scared of what people will say, scared of all the eyes on me. It was coronation night, everyone was celebratory, festive mood except for me. Our small town crowned me the queen in replacement of the original one who can’t come because of unprecedented circumstances.

As I walk, I know no one liked me, no one wanted me to be there but you put your arms around me and kissed me at the side of my cheeks. As I walked, scared of all the leers and jeers, I felt your arms slide and tightened around my waist. I placed my head on your shoulders and the world never felt more welcoming.

I never then cared how those around me never seemed to care or recognize me. When you shared your strength with me, i realized it was all that I need and ever wanted.

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