Prose and Poetry for Pain

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Pleasant Hope

They say that when you can’t sleep, someone is thinking of you. But that’s not what I want. If I think of you, I’d like for you to soundly slumber on the land of dreams.

But what I want is not what should be but at least I can hope, a pleasant hope for you that when my mind throws a response to the universe shouting your name, it will shower good luck on wherever you might be.

If I open the doors of the past and dwell on it for several seconds just to see you, I aim not to disrupt the part of me that’s you but just to feel once again, the burst of emotions, a welcomed pain.

If I ever send you a message, brief and curt, I hope you’ll not try to run away but instead you take it that your reach within me is limitless and I need to reconnect to finally break free.

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