Prose and Poetry for Pain

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Still, Think of You

Why didn’t you ever considered telling me why you did what you did? You treated me in the most special way, be with me when I was all alone finding my place in this world. We talked and we talked more. I was just this alone and sad girl but then I got you and it was enough.

You lend me strength when I needed it the most when I didn’t have someone to lean on, a stranger in a new city. You told me wonderful things and I can feel how you love what you do by just reading your words. My fountain of happiness and bravery, you held it in your hands.

And just one day, without remorse, you with a mallet in your hand, tore down the cement walls. You did not explain just told me you had to do what you need to do and then you build a wall I can never climb on. And just like that, what we had was gone.

My heart went wild, I stopped seeing colors for months, years, a walking zombie, always watching the stars thinking about you. Hell, I even planned to chase after you, to go where you are but I was weak-willed, in the end, I slumped in a corner I can never escape from.

Every time I feel this wind in my cheeks and feel the cold, I would always still, think of you.

If you ever told me that I have a chance, could things have been different?

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