Prose and Poetry for Pain

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Puppet Show

I played and you watched

Film turning over and over

Inside my head with me as the actress

And you, I can’t understand yet

A judge? part of the audience just eager to find entertainment for the night?

I raised my hand to wave

My eyes focused on one direction

Far to the horizon, they say

But they’re just fixed straight at you

No one can see and that consoled me

I jumped so high, so high

I can hear the applause fill the small space

I always aim to please

So I did try the best that I could

Thinking that at the end you’ll stand up and take my hand

The end did come

After I bowed, I look at you seat and it’s empty

I started to move away from the stage

But then I started to feel and realize

The strings and hands that held me in place

Up above where I should have gazed at

I saw that it was never I who moved

But that someone up there holding me a puppet

Making me act into someone I am not

Sad, the face looks just like that face I saw in the mirror, just before the show.

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