Prose and Poetry for Pain

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So life came back
He brought the wind
I raised my shield but was betrayed by the cracks
Here I am swaying one more time
Amidst my mind’s protest i danced with His rhythm
I poured my soul into the beat
I lowered my shield
The wind’s passing ended

Everything stopped moving
Echoes hid inside their caves
The ground moaned in pain
I tried to run
I could hear the real Him coming
As i was here several times
But i never learned
My eyes were blinded
By my longing to embrace the infinite

I watched my arms turning into ashes
My bones melting , blood sucked out of existence
I am becoming one with oblivion
All around me
Every single thing was being dragged by His magnetic pull
It was bliss
Until He reached my heart

Now I can feel the fire
As He slowly seared my heart with His molten hate
His anger silenced the tell-tale beats
Slowly, without missing a spot he colored it black
Then merciless, he cut it in strips
It was his masterpiece
But it was my heart

I gazed into his eyes
He looked back but saw no one
His gaze was fixed into the distance
As he held the remnants of my heart
He took a step away and another
Until he was completely unseen

I am still where I am
A soul without a body,
A consciousness without understanding
of how He can arrive unannounced
And leave with a thousand knives pinned into my chest

I died
It was a purgatory for a second
And a cycle of Hell the most

He was Life
He was Death
And He took my heart

He’s gone
So was I

And so was I.

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