Prose and Poetry for Pain

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Then You Were Gone

I didn’t really understand it at all, the darkness you gave me. It was you so I embraced it, along with the songs and laughter. I desperately wanted to know you that I was willing to absorb all that’s you, all that you are.

You never said that you loved me. You never said that you didn’t love me. But I was happy that you were there. Your presence is more than the love I deserved.

I dreamt of us, of you here right by my side.

Then you were gone. I begged and I cried. I never asked why you did it and I should have.

Now your door remains ajar and I can’t muster the courage to close it. Maybe I wanted it to be forever open, in that way I know that somehow I loved someone that my heart ached to the point of bursting.

Then you were gone and I had to let you go.

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