Story of Life: In a Tale of Words

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Why is there so much pain in the world? Why is there no peace? So many people around the world are dying, hurting, suffering, and yearning for hope, freedom, justice, and peace. Why have we failed to help them? Why have we failed each other? Do we truly understand each other? Why do we still fight? Where is the love we speak of but fail to embody? The Story of Life, In a Tale of Words is a story-poem meant to reverberate the heartstrings of goodness within us. The Story of Life, In a Tale of Words strives to relinquish the curtain over our hearts that causes us to hate instead of love. We are all lost, we are all in pain, and we are all broken. But that pain is precisely what bonds us as a people, as kindred kind. The Story of Life, In a Tale of Words serves as a beacon of hope to remind us that together, we can help each other end the pain in all our hearts and in the world. Together. Open your heart to the Story of Life, and it will open its heart to you.

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To my mother,

Nusrat Bhatty

The greatest woman and human I will ever know

The flame of my zeal and the water of my serenity

Who taught me why we care

Who taught me the value of love

Who taught me what it means to be a man

And who now looks down and smiles from above

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