Wondering Land

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Reflection in the mirror,

Who you see yourself are?

What kind of query comes across your mind first?

Did we get the same words?

Did we have the same musings?

You've danced the whole day,

You've sung your whole heart,

You get home, you cried,


Didn't they say dancing makes your problem froze?

Didn't they say singing soothing your broken heart?

I guess,

Until they felt the same as you do they're still narcissists,

Though they didn't throw in the chemicals,

They still smelled toxic somehow,

Hypocrites didn't go in hiding, they'd live within others,

They're showing faces thinking nobody sees them through,

They're enunciating voices with their sleight of hands we caught them up,

They're playing dirty and dumb in other existence,

They are who they are,

Who needed to learn.

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