A Caribbean Getaway

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A poem which talks about the ending of a long distance relationship. The dreams, the memories and the bittersweet acceptance of trying to let go.

Poetry / Fantasy
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I took a dip into fantasy

The waves spelt out your name

Like a little Caribbean get away

The memories of you were short

Yet everlasting.

When I think of you

I remember the beach.

Tropical and raw.

Bright and chaotic.

And just like the beach

You gave me peace of mind

And the taste of true freedom.

You were the sun that shone

The one I had come to know.

And our distance was as wide and as wavering

As the ocean that separated us.

Your voice reminded me of palm trees

Sometimes it whispered.

Other times it blew out of control

But it always left tingles.

You were bright

And our times were filled with

Laughter and music,

The smell of food

And the mix of cultures.

Religion practiced and flags appreciated,

Pretty dresses and flowers in my hair,

Button up shirts and leather shoes

Roses given and dances shared.

I wrote our story on text bubbles

Creating our very own latin love story

Which we hoped to one day turn into a reality.

You wrote back.

But the waves washed away the words you had written

And our letters got lost in translation.

Like the sand I imagine to walk on

You were hard to wash away

And soon you left a sloppy mess.

Now you are like a ghost to me.

You stand waiting on the beach,

With the same pearly white smile.

Sometimes I visit you.

In the past with sadness, anger and love

And now I greet you with appreciation and satisfaction.

The breeze that was once filled with excitement and eagerness

Is now filled with teachings and lessons learnt.

We greet each other with love, growth and acceptance

Knowing full well we are both okay.

And just like the beach.

You were merely a short escape

But never my final destination.


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