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Make the connection, make the link, and see through the lines Within The Ink The poems you’re about to see are a mix of challenges by close friends and family, inspiration and things I’ve noticed by my own point of view.

Meral Wali
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First, I’d love to thank my dad who made this possible. He believed in my writing, heard my poems and supported all my ideas. He challenged me the most and was always there when I wrote anything new. If it weren’t for him, this book wouldn’t have been possible.

Second, I’d love to thank my mom who was there to listen to my writing and try to encourage me to always prove people, who thought my writing was childish, wrong. She challenged me to some motherly poems that I am very proud of as well. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have been so confident.

Thirdly, thank you to all my dear friends who always read, supported and enjoyed my poems. They have challenged me and given me inspiration for my poems and I’m so thankful to have such amazing friends in my life, they truly are a miracle I’m cherishing.

Fourthly, I would love to thank the four teachers who supported my writing, telling me to never give up on my talent and to always keep going with what I can do. My math teacher from half of 8th grade to the end of my 9th grade, Mr. Omar, who supported my writing, believing in me and telling me such wonderful words that pushed me forward. My English teacher from half of 9th grade, Miss Alaa, who encouraged me to writing the inspirational poems that have helped my friends and me when we were down. My other English teacher from 10th grade (Who only taught my class for a month or two) Mr. Abdulhafez who always gave my writing a chance and gave me useful advice in just a few weeks. And finally, my physics teacher, Miss Boushra who has been there for me when I was down and encouraged me to keep my talent going.

Finally, thank you to the people who made this book go from a dream into a reality. Thank you to the artist of the book cover, to the publishers of the book and thank you dear reader for giving this book a chance.


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