Debauchery in Crescendo

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Poetry / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Crescendo of nostalgia embroidered by this dark unfathomed, palpable solitude.

Bereft of breath I am…

Amidst this bleak yet effervescent moment,

I find myself strained in this pervading state of mind

Whilst dulcet visions of you entice my dreams,

This feeble pretense of satiety belittles at the vicinity of your denuded silhouette.

The silence is broken…

Your fingers nestled in mine, as I immerse myself within

Your eyes devour me the way darkness envelops light,

Your voice like knives strike wounds throughout the tortured air,

Deviant moans sing of lascivious and empyrean nights,

Your life infused in mine…

As I dissect every inch of your licentious visage,

The moon casts its pall upon your milky white divulged skin.

Mantled by stars our bodies flutter in cacophonous unison,

As I find myself deluged in a fire—storm by your unweaved cascading hair

The moment, ephemeral in ways only dreams can be, widens…

Time and space entwine, the sanctimonious and all things divine amalgamate to one.

Vehement goddess whose beauty imbues lovers,

Enthralled within your embrace, trapped in between legs like chains,

Nails affixed, reaping flesh as they venture down my spine,

Sweet crimson blood instilled with sweat gushes through the fractured skin,

As I rise afloat this sea of red,

I stand in awe, not comprehending the complexity of your monumental beauty.

Eden on the rising, enkindled by aphrodisian desire,

My most covetous debauchery,

I have tasted the forbidden fruit and drank the nectar of your life,

Dauntless moans like choirs only angles can sing are sung,

We find ourselves in the archetype of bliss,

Your body beseeches, consuming all of me.

Anew moonlit, flagrant flower bloom,

Amidst the fading scent of lust and decay dancing in the zephyr

Romance as ornaments adorn your eyes,

Embraced to one another, inert, I lay a victim, to weak and weary

The candle of my life burning dim…

As stars slowly shade in silence, night has come to an end and so have I.


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