Between These Lonely Walls

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Truth The truth is that I love you. But it is clear to me that that truth is only mine. And that truth will never be yours.

Poetry / Romance
SG Michaels
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Our Mythology


I’ve always thought

that poetry

would come easily

for me if I

keep my muse happy

I just never

thought that I had

to bleed my heart out

on paper to

keep him from dying



I didn’t leave the comforts of darkness

for you to push me back deeper into hell

I should have known that

you’ll only have me on your own terms

and not on anyone else’s

­—not even mine



It doesn’t matter

how many times

I say, “I love you.”

You’ll never hear it

until you hear

your own voice

say it back to you.



You took me away

from the comforts of home

for a taste of darkness.

How do you expect me

to go back when

you’ve made life

unbearable without

your love?


Cassandra #1

I said my truth

I knew there was an end

I saw all the warning signs

But I ignored them anyway

I was both Cassandra and the people

I refused to accept disaster

even when you looked me in the eye.


Slay The Dragon

Knights, princes, kings

—they’re all the same,

mortal men trying to possess

a damsel in distress

Little do they know

that damsels are

also the dragons

they want to slay

hidden in the guise

of muffled giggles

and pretty dresses


Pandora’s Box

You wanted to open me up

to see the monsters within

Disgusted by what you find,

you set all of my demons free

for all the world to see

But you were cruel enough

to leave one monster inside

to devour and consume me

as I watched you cast me aside.


Cassandra #2

I said my truth

that I loved you

that I waited patiently

for you to love me back

You left me to my own devices

regretting that I rambled

and drove you away

Now, I can only watch you break

as the world we built

ended before our eyes


The Sword of Damocles

The more seasons go by,

the easier it is

to ignore your sword

hanging over my head

I know one day

that sword will

fall on me again.

And it’ll be twice

as painful as the last

But also a lot easier

to live with


Grasping At Straws

Our time together felt like sand

—sand between my fingers

our love like water

—water in the palm of my hand

our grip on each other like straw

—straw crushed in my fists

Just when I thought

I had a hold on him

I realize that I was

the one slowly slipping away


Halcyon Days

I want you to think of me

as a calm escape from the world

a cup of coffee waiting for you

in the morning

a frenzy of blankets and pillows

at night

a bolt of lightning waking you up

from a fevered dream



I let my walls down

for pretty horses

and gilded cages

and pretty brown eyes

in your tender light

When you saw what was

inside, you rampaged

and broke everything

your curious hands touched


Water Under The Bridge

You said we’ll cross the bridge

when we get there

And I explicitly warn you that

I am afraid of bridges

When the time came

and we have to cross,

you say, don’t be afraid

This’ll all be water under the bridge

I close my eyes

and let you lead me

I feel water rushing under my feet

waiting for me to fall over

When I open my eyes,

I am halfway through

and you are nowhere in sight

You were never going to cross

the bridge with me, were you?


Mythos of You

I dove into the mythos of you

relished in the fairy tales

and lived in the phantom epic

When I came up for air,

you were only another

story to tell



It was cruel of you

to let me see light again

—when I have finally grown

accustomed to darkness

—only to take it back

when I was so close

to freedom

It was a lovely break

from desolation

and loneliness



I’ve sat in the darkness long enough

to know that whoever pushed me into

this pit is here with me, desperately

holding me back every time I try

to claw my way out.



My heart is haunted by ghosts

that I’ve learned to live with—

guilt, regret, annoyance, betrayal.

Angry, lonely, restless ghosts

may dwell between these walls

but your phantom is just

another shadow my light

has learned to ward off


Daedalus’ Warning

Fly close enough that

the sun kisses your skin

but not too close

that it melts your wings

Love from a distance

that touches your heart

but not too close

that it breaks you apart



Poke at the petals if you must

or let the flowers dance

with the winter air

and her own song.

She has a voice here.

Cut her at the stem if you must

or let her stand free

between still waters

and endless skies.

She chose to be here.

Take her heart if you must

or leave her alone

between solid ground

and her eternal dreams.

She is happiest here.


Lost Girl

I once followed the breadcrumbs you left to the edge of the forest and found myself lost in the clearing between my heart and mind. I knew better than to pick up leftovers. I could not survive on just little pieces of you.

I once traced the stars you drew in the sky and found myself lost in the darkness of a bad choice and the light of a temporary reprieve. I knew better than to trust a starless night sky. I could not find my way back without the light in your eyes.

I once held onto the line you left and became the lost girl stuck between the love of her dreams and the heartbreak of her nightmares. I knew better than to trust the loose end of a thread. I could not keep holding on to your telltale hand in the dark.

I once trusted the compass you left and allowed myself to believe your unreliable narrative more than the rational voice in my head. I knew better than to trust your direction. I could not allow myself to lose my way home again.

So I forge my own path.


Siren Song

I know we both heard it

It started with a soft hum

a distracting murmur really

echoing in the distance between us

I know I heard it first

in the way you said my name

demanding undivided attention

ringing in the space in my chest

I know you heard our siren song

You shut your ears with white lies

and tied yourself to the mast of a boat

on a one-way trip away from me.

You call me a heartless siren

You claim the songs were mine

but the sound was not from me

The sirens were in the beat of your heart.



Stay away,

secret siren

Don’t taunt me,

cruel temptress

I want you

But I should not


Poison Apple

Bite into my poison apple

You know you’ll regret it

But you’ll regret not doing it


Muse #2

I need a love who would break me

so I can forever appease my true love

And his appetite is insatiable


Lost City

She spoke of lost love

like ancient cities

how El Dorado had

glittered with gold

how Pompeii had

harnessed Vulcan’s fire

how Atlantis dared

wield the power of gods

and how they all stood

tall and glorious before

they came crumbling

down at the behest of fate


Middle Earth

Don’t sing lullabies of lonely fantasies

if I have to wake up and find that

Middle Earth is a place without magic

and I can’t even follow you to Valinor.


No Going Back

A thin line borders

a life with another

and a life alone

I try to go back home

but there really is

no going back to that

once the line is crossed

Home won’t be home again

I may look the same

but I know I am not



You think you made me,

carved out the ugly parts

of me to fit your mold.

But I think I am still me,

therefore all mine.

You think you own me,

possessed every part

of me you touched.

But I think,

therefore I am.



The past has not been gentle with me.

I’ve been hurt and maligned

and made into this witch

cursed to break weak men apart

My heart has not been good to me.

I’m forced to hide myself away

and become the monster

against those who’d dare hurt me.

But my mind has been kind to me.

It allowed me to become a cursed witch,

turned me into this fearsome monster,

and blessed me with the freedom I needed

to love myself first


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