Between These Lonely Walls

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Between These Lonely Walls


Choose me and I will breathe your poetry forever.

I will find the words in the first waking breath you take in the morning. And in the last sigh of sleeplessness, you breathe out at the night. And in all the air you will inhale until your last exhale.

Love A Poet

Break poet’s heart

and you will die

a hundred times over

Her words are daggers

Take a poet’s heart

and you’ll have love

come in waves of words

Her verses are gifts

Either way love a

poet, and your name

will live forever


I found a glimmer of hope

in the way your fingertips touch my skin

in the way you held me up when I was about to fall

in the way you smile at me from across the room

You were only a flicker, a spark,

an ember deciding if it will

finally sleep or just wake up

Enough to ward off the darkness

But not enough to keep me in the light.


You tell me to run

far and fast

to get over the hurdles

of a broken heart

But how can I run

when I know I am

running from what was home

House Elegies

We once built a big beautiful house

You could have left me alone in it

when the foundations cracked

from the weight of our shared lives

Instead you tore it down

when there was no more room for you

and built a new home with someone else

I am left with not even a roof over my head


In my new house

I put up as many windows

as there are walls

to let all the light in

so there are no dark corners

for him to settle back into


I built a new house for myself

a small sturdy house made of light

and joy and all things good

I locked all the doors

hoping whoever has the keys

would make my heart their home


Open the door

for me and I’ll

be the house that

will be your home


Don’t give me a reason to love you

My heart was yours the moment I saw you

Don’t let me fall in deeper into you

My heart is scarred by the last fall

Don’t break my heart

Don’t let me hope

Don’t want me

Don’t stay




Fireworks at the beginning.

Flashing lights in the middle.

Embers towards the end.

Ashes when you look back.

How long will love last?

How do you start again

when the end hangs over your head

like a sword? How could you dream

again when nightmares lurk in

the dark corners of your mind?

You just do. Because you cannot

survive without it. Because you should

not survive without it. Because even ashes

had their time as fireworks.


I dreamed of you last night

Your face was smug

You found a place between

my midnight thoughts

and daybreak dreams

I dreamed of your lips

They tasted like cotton candy

and dry vodka

You were a hangover dream

and an unsettling nightmare

rolled into one

I dreamed of how I could

fit between your arms

and how you could fit in mine

You were every daydream I could

never have for myself

You will always be just a dream

What You Cannot See

when you see me in the light

pretend to be happy

act like you’ve found joy

in our exchanged pleasantries

feel the telltale love

that we could possibly share

had we been free to take

each other for ourselves

or else just turn off the lights

what you cannot see

in the dark won’t hurt you

Between these lonely walls

is a dark empty space

waiting to become home

if you open my door

Glass Cup

The ceramic made a clinking sound when you set it on the table. It was empty---not devoid of content, but I see remnants of liquid in its bottom, sediment flavored by

the taste of your lips.

It was red, your favorite color. You picked it out at the store for days when you stay over at my place, for mornings when only coffee can wake you up from the dream of us.

It sits in the middle of the table the day you left,

unwashed coffee stains from where it dripped on

the side, the shape of your lips on the rim.

I let it sit there after you left and wonder if it will still taste like you now that you’ve no use for it.

My Cup Is Full

I am not looking to fill my cup

with the contents of someone else’s

I am full to the brim

with all the things I love

And all the things that make me happy

I am not looking for an empty cup

to pour the excess of my life into

I am nothing more

and nothing less

My life is measured by my own life

I am looking to share my life

with someone willing to share his

and we will fill our lives

with all the things we love

and all the things that make us happy

until we cannot find the brims

of where one cup ends

and where the other begins

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