Between These Lonely Walls

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Catch The Sunrise

Catch the sunrise with me, darling. Let it peek

through the curtains and find the light in our eyes.

Here we can pretend that the sun was ours—

if only for tonight when I hold your gaze with mine.

Hold light in the palm of your hand, darling.

Let it seep through your walls and feel the embers

on our skins. Here we can play with fire—

if only for now when I take your hand in mine.

Watch the sunset with me, darling. Let it through

your windows and memorize the path between

your heart and mine. Here we can act like the light

was ours—if only for now when I know

your borrowed sunrise can never be mine.


Cliff Diving

I didn’t think I would ever see a smile

like yours until I saw you standing

so precariously on the edge

of indifference and familiar.

And so I stand on the edge with you,

close my eyes, and wait for you to push me.

I didn’t think I would ever hear a sound

like yours until I heard you say my name

between one breathless word after another.

And so I hold my breath, count to ten, and

wait for you to shout my name into the unknown.

I didn’t think I would ever see light

like yours until I saw the sun and moon

in your eyes when you look into mine.

And so I open my eyes, hold my breath,

and dive right into you.


Solid Ground

Jump into the sky

If you fly, I promise

I will let you soar

Dive into quicksand

If you sink, I promise

I will sink with you

Stay on solid ground

If you don’t move, I promise

you’ll never have me



It begins with a light tremor waking you up in the middle of the night. It’s another dream you didn’t think you’d remember when you wake up. You go back to sleep.

It makes itself known like the light of dawn in your eyes in the morning sun.

It’s another tomorrow forcing its way in. You go about your day.

It leaves a mark on your heart like the noonday sun kissing your skin on a hot summer’s day. The marks will go away eventually. You scrub away the doubt in vain.

It claims a place in your life like an earthquake breaking down the walls you worked so hard to build. Another has claimed your heart.

You give it everything else you own.

I never really understood why a lover

would want another until I felt it for myself.



He had the sky

in his eye

and the spring

in his every step

He had the light

of the moon

and the sun

on a cold rainy night

I had my eye

on his every step

all the seasons

of his waking days

I had all of it

in the palm

of my hand

I had my heart

on my sleeve

I had all of it

except him


The Shape Of Your Body

The sunrise is always worth

digging my nails into soft mounds

and cutting my palms on sharp corners

when I run my hand on rippling stones

And so I climb

The sea of clouds is always worth

exhausting every muscle in my body

and pushing my heart to the limit

when I leap recklessly into your abyss

And so I climb

The peak is always worth

making my legs weak

and tiring my arms limp

when I scale the shape of your body

And so I climb

And so I climb…

And so I…

And so…



The earthquake came

in the middle of the night

violently pulling me

from that place between sleep

and wide awake

I go back to bed

---always best to just wait it out

The tremors came

in the days that followed

recklessly dragging me

through meaningless dates

and missed appointments

I go back to routine

—always best to stay distracted

The rebounds came

in all of my sleepless nights

cruelly crawling their way

under my cold covers

and on my empty bed

I go back to counting sheep

—always best to force myself to sleep

The calm finally came

from the light in your eyes

expertly taking my heart

to that place between indifference

and comfortably familiar

I go back to shutting my eyes

—always best to look away

The big one will come

in the last place you’ll expect

breathlessly taking me

to that place between heartbreak

and delirious love

I go back to the safety of my walls

—always best to just wait it out


Chase The Sunrise

writing your poetry

is chasing the sunrise

up a steep mountain

trying to catch

what can never be mine

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