Between These Lonely Walls

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The Song Of You

The Song Of You

You are the

song that I could never sing

music that plays only in my head

sound that echoes between the walls

of my lonely heart

Love Song

love is unfair

for making me

want someone

I cannot have

for making me

want a love song

I could never

sing out loud.

I write you poems

so I can feel you

everyday even

when I can’t have you

Birthday Song

You, singing the birthday song

off-key for me, are all

the candlestick wishes

confetti cake slices

and the rainbow-wrapped presents

that I could ever want

Favorite Song

Play my song again

Just one more time please

Let my song become ours

The Song of You 2

Play me your music

a note, a heartbeat

a pause before

a reluctant confession

strum the strings

of your instrument

pull mine that your song

becomes my own

and I will sing for you

clamor for one more

song of you

to keep you close

You never really left.

You simply became my poetry.

I Would Write You Poetry

I would write you poetry

to tell you everyday that I love you

to fill the gap between your arms

to invade the empty space in your heart

to bleed bittersweet ink onto your blank page.


I have no delusions

of writing acclaimed poetry

I only write to set myself free

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