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Lets try and fail,
From your dreams, don't bail
Even if life strikes you like hail
Don't let your faith go stale.

There is no gain without pain,
Train your mind to stay sane
From hard work, do not refrain;
So you don't regret, when you go down the memory lane.

Every winner knows the taste of failure,
It tastes worse than cheap beer
But from the casualties, don't fear
Buck up, and in the right direction, steer.

Life is like a kettle that's steaming,
Don't wait around and keep dreaming
Your future awaits you; bright and beaming,
Off you go, with your efforts gleaming.

Take lesson from the ant,
Even a small piece is an addition to the pile,
Overcome the boulders;
There are ways, more than one.

Stay true to your dream
Don't lose the stream,
Your efforts will surely be seen
And rising you'll go, up in the inspiring team.
Hey lovelies! Here's a poem that has been in progress for soooooo long. I just wasn't feeling like it, ya know.
Anyways, please express your thoughts in the comments and tell me if you have a good topic that I could write on. I'll definitely try to do that.
Until next time lovelies.
Stay safe and stay happy!😘❤

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