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Racing like stallions in a competition,
Thoughts are like piercing needles
They come through and poke my heart.

The night seems the favourable time
For the mind is free and it sets to wander,
Bringing jolts of pain and salty tears.

The grief begins with a happy memories
Then times change
And all that remains is pain.

Like roses full of thorns,
They house memories; good and bad
It just breaks my heart, why was the ending sad?

Its much like heartbreak,
If my aching chest has any say;
The world turns misty, as my tears make way.

The world turns gloomy,
Red and yellow, disappear into gray
You trust me, you say?

As came the testing times,
Your trust in me, swayed
The evil potion lead us astray.

Just thinking about the times,
When I was truly fine
The green meadows, are now an oasis of the desert.

Every night
To my thoughts,
I fall prey.
Hey lovelies! Did you like this creation? We all sure have a phase like this in life, but it is important to move on.
Tell me your thoughts in the comments and consider leaving a review.
Until next time lovelies.
Stay safe and stay happy!❤😘

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