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There is pain everywhere
In my heart and my soul.

It is deep;
It is bad
It seeps into my core.

Doesn't matter the time;
It doesn't make it go,
The tears always flow.

It spreads through;
It captures all,
Making my insides crawl.

The skin breaks;
The blood flows,
The pain taking its toll.

The reasons may be mere
But they hurt all the same,
First heartbreak, is never lame dear.

The love was great;
Filled me with life,
But the betrayal, cut me like a knife.

The moments are few
But endlessly they grew,
Forever in my heart, they'll stew.

The grief flows
But it never shows,
And I keep going through all highs and lows.

There is pain everywhere
In my heart and my soul,

But never does it make me lose my goal.
I am a diamond in making, in heaps of coal,
I am alone but I am whole.








This is a piece of my heart for you lovlies.
I hope you like it.
Stay safe and stay happy.

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