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My chest aches
As your words seep through;
They cut deep,
I have no more tears; left to weep.

But just as I think this;
The dam breaks,
My cheeks are wet
Tears flow;
And on my pillow, they collect.

My skin is prickling
The feeling is sickening.
It runs through my heart
An immensely piercing dart.

Even if the time's passed,
The wounds are fresh.
They were never dressed
But sure were they;
More deeply pressed.

I feel betrayed by you
By the lovely feeling created by you.
Its not that you didn't know the truth,
Its just that the looks were not good.

Its either black or it is white
There's no grey
My heart, in this matter;
It has no say.

And as in my bed I lay,
I have only a thing to say.
That you knew the truth
But all you did,

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