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You don't need to worry;
No need to hurry
My heart knows,
With love it overflows.

Its not easy for you
To open up to someone new,
I got it baby even if you don't say
I know its just not the day.

Even if it takes all my life
I won't stop, I'll sacrifice
My heart for you
Cause I care about you.

With each passing day,
Hand in hand as we lay
I only feel it growing,
Baby, my love for you is overflowing.

And if you hold my hand,
I promise to give you the whole land
Of my heart, soul and body;
Oh baby! I'm not being gaudy.

From my love, please don't refrain
Only happiness it will rain; on you,
You are my life
For you I thrive.

Any problem that arrives
We'll face it together, take down the knives,
Never ever shy away
I am with you, on every step of the way.

At the end my love,
I have only one thing to say
That I will wait my whole life
If that is what it takes, to have your love.

This is for a love, that was could not be attained but still lives in the heart.
Until next time lovelies.😇

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