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It is dark and deep,
Slowly, into the heart it seeps.
Steadily, towards the soul it creeps
Settling down in unsettled heaps.

For Goodness sake!
Don't let the barrier break;
Don't let your sanity be at stake
Smile, but not fake.

It is okay to cry,
Let the tears dry;
And rise again; FLY!
Good times will surely come by.

Lift yourself up, soar high
Past the clouds, into the sky,
Never mind how much the darkness pries,
Don't let your faith die.

Sometimes it becomes too much,
The pain that your heart feels so much;
There is no feeling as such
But don't let the darkness touch.

Past the clouds that loom
There is a light that bloom;
Let it clear your heart's gloom
And past the clouds; again, you zoom.

It is your life,
Do not give it up with a knife!
Full force into it you dive
Towards happiness and love you strive.
Let go of all the negatives. I know there are many in life, but for yourself, get over them. Move on. It is your life.
Until next time lovelies.
Stay safe and stay happy!!🥰

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