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You broke me.
But it is not your fault
I tried,
But my heart didn't halt.

It went on, towards you
No matter how much
I tugged on the reins
But still, the feeling filled my veins.

The feeling, of love
Which will never be reciprocated
It fit my heart like a glove
I surrender my heart to you, like a sub.

You're just a friend, I know
But this love flowing through my body
It never stops to grow
Like weeds in an unattended garden,

I care for you,
Your problems are mine
I love you ,
You don't, its fine.

We are the best of friends,
Always having each others back
No matter if my life ends,
I will never stop, being your friend.

But thats it!
I am just a friend
One with the first aid kit,
To get your broken heart the fix.

I'll never let you suffer,
From anyone's wrath
Even if you are wrong, I'll take the blame duffer;
Fight the world for you;
Because, I love you.

It's a pool of hurt,
And I dove head first
It's a matter of heart,
Poking my heart, with sharp, sharp darts.

But no matter if I die,
I'll keep loving you
Till my last;


Don't take it seriously lovelies, I just read an emotional story and watching the trailer was just a cherry on top.
Until next time lovelies!!
Stay safe and stay happy. ☺

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