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It's a whirlpool of emotions

Sadness and happiness, solace and despair

Please take the necessary precautions

Or your heart will need a repair.

It starts with warm currents

Traveling on your skin,

Eyes shining like fluorescents

Lips stretching into big-ass grins.

Long walks, unnecessary talks

Hands held, hugs shared,

Lips meet, breathing stops;

The heart is ensnared.

New feelings are discovered

Red cheeks, heart's flutters,

All to the memories bank, it's delivered

With the galloping beats and nervous stutters.

A diamond gleams,

The eyes giving rise

To long, uneven streams

Long years of happiness and content sighs.

Adorned in white

Looking so beautiful and gorgeous,

Heart clenching with delight;

The kiss seals the deal, it's so precious.

Two hearts bound forever

In sickness and in health,

Together every moment they savour

A simple caress makes the problems melt.

Then there is an addition,

It brings endless joy

Being solely love's creation;

The swollen belly leaves no reason to be coy.

And just like that, life goes on

It is a Journey, filled with emotions

From finding love, to succumbing at dawn

All of it containing different notions.








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