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Sometimes I feel like dying.

The world will not stop
But the pain will halt,
Everything seems to be my fault
With each passing moment, my heart drops.

There are accusations
The voices seem to grow,
Swallowing me, from head to toe
Guilt, sadness, all the scary emotions.

From loving you to expecting love from you
All of it was my mistake
Every step, put my heart on stake
But still, the feelings grew.

Capturing me physically and mentally,
The pain is taking it's toll
Suppressing my heart, taking control;
Your betrayal is my worst bully.

But then, I see my family
In their hearts, I reside
Let their love be my guide,
And the hope rises scantily.

My father, my rock
My mum, my bestfriend
How can I let this feeling end?
And just like that my life's no longer a mock.

No matter how many difficulties
Love will help overcome all,
Squaring my shoulders, I stand tall
And defeating them, I strive ahead.

Towards life, tasting all the flavours it holds,
From here on, I aim to LIVE.
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Until next time!
Stay safe and stay happy.....🥰

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