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Dreams get crushed when reality sinks in

Poetry / Drama
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I've always been a dreamer,

I think I was actually born as one

When I was a child,

We; Russell, my mother and I, had this thing each and every evening that I treasure to this day

We used to lie on the bed and read stories, Disney stories

As such my imagination and dream world was born

I grew up,

Learning quickly to retreat to my dream world in order to protect myself

It became a defense mechanism to not shut down

When shit hit the fan at age 13,

My reality came rushing back to me

Crushing with it my dream world and safety net

I've worked so hard to build that net up again that I started losing myself to the journey

I soon started hating everyone and everything

My mother

My father

My brothers

My family



And there was no turning back

It was like an avalanche just waiting to overtake me

I tried to be as everyone else

But I didn't fit in,

Not at school

Not at home

Much like in primary school

I soon realised that people are very superficial, only interested when you have something to offer

Which I didn't, obviously

Then came after school

What a load of bullshit


I've always been a dreamer

Bent on happiness

Bent to destroy all evil from my life

I didn't realise I was becoming everything I hated

I realised too late that there's no such thing as love

Oh, there's fascination and affection

But there's no such thing as love

Love is something for books and movies

There's only manipulation and heartbreak

And as I realised this

I came to the conclusion that I don't want any part of it

I wish I can retreat into my dream world,

But even that safe space has been crushed

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