A Series of Slam Poems

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Poems about society and how it needs to change. I stand with minorities and hope that one day the world will be a better place for everone, so lets try to get there! This is all I can do for the world at this stage in my life but you all can do a lot too! Donate to charities, spread awareness, protest! Do whatever you can. Let's change the world. So yeah, I hope my poems do what they're intended to. Enjoy, I send all the best wishes your way!

Poetry / Drama
Amber Snow
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Sometimes… Sometimes I feel like the world is caving in. Cracked and crumbling it's gasping for breath, the hurt, the lost, they cant get out of their heads. A call, a text, a sign to exist. They're searching for hope but can't get the just. Fearless, they're fearless. Or so they say but inside they're petrified, they cant get away! They can't come up for air, always drowning, they can't find their way, always searching. Why?

Just why?

That's the question they're asking, the answer they're looking for. Just a reason to continue this torture, this hellhole. What do they think, what do you do, would anybody love someone as broken as you? Questions and questions and questions, no answers. Just a record stuck on a loop. There's a reason they're here. There's a reason to live. Please let there be another reason for this. They're hoping, hoping, hoping and hoping. Please just let us breathe! We're suffocating! We're trapped in an abyss! Just help me out of this eternal darkness! The silence is deafening, I can't hear the angels sing, please just tell me it'll all be okay!

I can't handle these dark thoughts, the walls that could crumble, and expose me and all of these monsters! I can't control it, I can't control it, so why the fuck can't I stop trying to help! I'm grasping, I'm reaching, I'm hoping to help them but they cant hear me saying their worth it! Help! Help me help. Help me to help those who want to get help! Help! I just need some help! Just help the helpless and someday you'll get out of that dark pit! I am the they! I am the we! And I am me. But which do I help? Which do I save? Do I save myself and get out of the rain? Or do I run into the fire, trust my desire, to help those, the helpless and bring them into the rain then the clear, the shiny wistere. Give them a reason to live, a reason to shine! But how do I tell them if I don't know mine!

But I can't complain. Right? There are people starving and parting and dying and crying, so I'm lying when I say I'm trying? Am I lying when I tell you that I just want to help? No, no I'm not! I'm trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying! I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP! I'm trying to help….

But it's hard when you're 14 and way too mature, stuck with thoughts that some adults don't even show. Like why in the world we're here and stuck in a never ending cycle of lies upon lies upon lies upon lies! Why can't we just be honest, realise that maybe we're to blame maybe we're the problem. But that that's okay. Because we can change! But when your lying, denying, hiding and frightened, we cant accept the fact that we're frying! Just help me change. We'll help us change. Change ourselves, and heck why stop there, change the world that has scorned and beat up the weak for having emotions and not hiding the fact that they weep! Emotions are natural and so are you! Your skin doesn't matter! Who you love doesn't matter! Who you are matters! If you hate people who are being themselves, if you mock someone for shedding their skin, if you tell them their useless and not even worth it, and telling them to change things they can't! That is where you should know that you need to change! It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter…

Become the person you wish had raised you. Be the person you wished had guided you. Become a person who doesn't care about what the fuck others are doing with their lives and care about what you are doing with yours! Fight for others rights! Because people are people and everyones equal! No matter what you believe or what you perceive, you are human! And we should all be treated as such! No one exiled and brutally murdered just because they're not 'normal?'! What is normal!! Nothing is normal! We're all weird and different and unique and beautiful because we are who we are! Just become who you are! Shed the skin of hate and boxes piled on boxes that society has pushed upon you! You do not fit in a box! You are a person, not a fucking science experiment!

Just… just be you.

Be the you that is perfect, and loving and kind. The person that loves people regardless of gender or race or sexuality or whatever fucking stupid social constuct that society has pushed upon us! Be accepting and open and loving. Be at peace with yourself and the fact that others can do so aswell.

Just be you.

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