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Soul Therapy, the title itself defines what the book is all about. Just like music connects with you on all levels of life. I wrote this book of poems to do just that. We have become accustomed to the slick rhyming schemes of most poetry that are beautiful but I want to give you more than just rhymes. I have installed little gems in my poetry that we all can relate to and reflect on. All of the lives on planet earth are a gift and we should live as one in peace and security. Show your support and purchase my book on Amazon kindle

Deon Blanchard
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Love is lovely

Oh! god of love please teach us how to love

Isn't love lovely?

Love endures, it's gentle and kind.

Love waits for you, it has no limit or time. Love is not proud and Stuck up, it does not boast about its achievements. Nor does it envy or jealous others of their accomplishments.

Yes! Love is lovely.

It has not a selfish trait. Nor does it dishonor people or create hate. Love thinks of others more than of itself. It strengthens your feet to climb and receive things that lie at the top shelf.

Isn't love lovely?

Love is slow to anger, it doesn't rush upon you like the oceans water. Love has no book recording your wrongs. What has been done is gone with the wind and love quickly moves along.

Yes! Love is lovely.

Don't tell me love has brought you evil because that is not its delight. Love is built upon truth, it does not lie, for all of its life it lives in the light.

You can trust in love because it gives you hope. Love water runs deep and can show you things far away from any telescope.

True love, unconditional love, godly love an authentic love that protects us. It preserves your soul, keeping your heart and mind fresh and clean.

This poem is an extension of 1st Corinthians thirteen, four to eight. Love is lovely and those who believe in it are truly happy to live by all of its traits.

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