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This book contains my thoughts in the form of poem... A rhythmic chain of words.. Support this please ❤

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Staney R
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Being Non-straight in India

Me, a person with a weird sense of liking.

Not easy at all, to be this of a kind
Judgements, fear enveloping my soul
I clutch myself, 'peace' is what I'm trying to find.

The day I came out to myself...
I was the worst hater of mine
Disgusted by self, I wanted to end the life for which my mom, beared the pain for months of nine.

Hilarious isn't it as how we aren't accepted?
But have you thought if it was the other way round..and you were the ill

As if we chose to be what we are..
As if we control our birth...
If God wouldn't want, he wouldn't create
Just to see a Social war.

Indian is what we call us..
All of us are super proud, cause - the fight of Independence.
But every good thing has a dark side,
India has to learn about acceptance.

Masculinity is described of a man who can get a woman for him,
But if he gets a man instead,
'Fag' is what you call him.

If feminising someone is an insult then let me tell you, you're wrong.
If you can't respect one's choice and life
You can't call yourself a human for long!

Haters are in majority... I don't even know anyone like me,
Afraid of all, afraid of what I call home, also afraid of them who claim to love me nonetheless
I admit I'm a coward you see.
God says don't lie...
Society says " With same sex you mustn't lie"
To please the society, we hide our truth,
Betraying God, and our soul until we die.

__ Staney R
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