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they broke me. the ones i used to call friends turned on me.

sometimes i cry. but sometimes i want to walk up to them, tell them to look me in the eye and say that they never had any feelings or good thoughts for me whatsoever. id then watch them crumple.

but whatever they did to me, id never be able to return the pain. i wouldn't wish that kind of pain in anyone. not even my worst enemy.

their words were poison. acid even. that when they said the horrible things they said, a part of me died, and not a quick death either, no. a long, slow, painful and pained death. a part of me broke, shattered. i tried to keep a blank facade on the outside. but we all knew how loud i was screaming on the inside.

i hope that one day they'll know how much pain they caused me, to the point that i could no longer feel.

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