The Seed That Grew into The Abyss

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2019 and 2020

Yeah, we will never be a pair

I still want to dye my hair

Masculinity, femininity, thought to be fair

All I witness is the wicked and the unfair

Me, myself and I, it’s my trinity

Affinity around my vicinity, I fight for unity

If I could inscribe my struggle, it would be to infinity

Forevermore appearing in tranquility, I sob in humility

I gave a lot of passes, yet I get judged by the masses

Strolling down these brick halls, nothing but faceless walls

Everyone hoping for my fall, that I will non stop stall

What’s wrong with my fingernails, I put nail polish

Having one purpose in life, which I will accomplish

Injustice, intolerance, ignorance, all that I will demolish

While you try to diminish and abolish, I’ll stand devilish

Inflict anguish, again and again, again and again, I will never languish

I wont stop committing good deed, preparing the next seed, the power they need, allow them to proceed, and eventually succeed

Not a ditty in any city, until my soul is to perish.

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