Lines From My Veins

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Can't win

Life has become complicated
I’m just being hated
And I’m really so frightened
Not known what’s going to happen..
I lost my hopes
And there are no ropes
To get back to you again
And I can’t have this pain..

It’s like a storm in my heart
Where I can’t find a boat
This sea water is up my neck

I can’t get through this wreck
I can’t swim
I can’t get back, I can’t win..

I tried and tried
but nothing happens so just cried
Cause I don’t think we could
get together
And it looks like it’s been never

I remember those never ending
days with you
But I find no one else who’s looks
and has a heart like you
Now it’s much of a war in my heart
And I can’t win...

The words you you said
were magical
But I know now it’s a
war in practical
And I think it’s one of those
which I can’t win
I can’t win



I’ll be updating more poems.
>< >< >< >< ><

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