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Nothing special except like my heart going out to my crush They aren't actually chapters they're just different poems

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1 – Far Away

He stands about ten feet away

But I can feel his arms around me

Even though I don’t know what they feel like

But I can imagine

And then those thoughts feel real

And then when I look at him

I feel like I’ve known him

But I don’t

And I forget

But then I remember

That he is and will always be

Only ten feet away

Just out of reach

And I remember

Just how much everyone says

That they can imagine him,

Just standing next to me

Being with me

But that will never happen

Because as much as I want it to be real

I know that it is all a fantasy

Made up in my head

And my thoughts drown everything else out

And I am alone

And I remember

That I will never look at another human

The way I look at him


I will never


Loving him

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