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How I feel about depression

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Depression (poem)


A feeling that cant be explain, a feeling that no matter how hard you try you always gonna feel the same.

You loose something important in your life, your craving for it, looking for it, and when you do find it, you still feel empty, it gives you a reason to hold on.

But..... then it disappear, looking for it again, seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours, it feel it's been forever, you still didn't loose hope yet hours turn into days, crying in a dark place.

It feel good but bad, feel happy but sad, lonely, feel like no one care who you are.

Days become weeks, still feeling down, as weeks turn into months, hard to talk about it, cant open up, months turn into years.

You found it,

But the person makes your heart break, betrayed,

Years turn into decades, eating your happiness out killing you slowly, you cant take it anymore .......

The End, you kill yourself

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