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Just random poems i have written. Some make sense, some don't. And its long because why not? Mostly are personal. But well, thanks for stopping by :)

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Rainy Days

Sitting in the front porch, fiddling thru the drops
I wish this heavy pouring rain never stops
The feeling of calmness it always gives me
Shoots from the corner of my heart to my entirety.
Heavens, like I, must be feeling sad or something
But still believe that every cloud has a silver lining
With this cup of bitter drink melting in my mouth
Tones down the gloomy voices that consistently shout.
Rainy days, damp season, a bliss disguise as other way
Majority would think that after these, are better days
A perfect storm always comes when you least expect it
So I'm enjoying lighter moment in every lone beat.
Pulling my head up, looking at the gray wide space
This rain really knows where to put my mood in place
If the sky can express its heavy load through raindrops
Why can't put mine in every single tear that drops?

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