Out of my Window

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This is a poem about looking out of your window. I hope you enjoy

Poetry / Children
David S Agyemang
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Chapter 1

By David Agyemang
An icy silence filled the night sky,
Monday morning is drawing nigh.
A local police officer sleeps blissfully aware,
A crime is being committed somewhere.
I looked around, and my glasses I took,
And out of my window I began to look.
The silenced road is paved with snow,
Blue and red cars are lined up in a row.
Trees and fences are coated with frost,
And on the street a cat is lost.
Many of the people that worked through the night ,
Will be given an almighty fright,
When the morning alarm begins to ring,
And the birds of the morning begin to sing.
My neighbor scrapes frost off his expensive windscreen,
Time is speeding up it seems.
The cockerel crows the day begins
Failures of the past week in the bin
Someone somewhere is ending yesterday
Preparing for a new and fresh day
This poem was made looking below
Out of my window.
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