one cloudy noon

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This is a simple poem about a boy's observation power and imaginative power

Utso Duary
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One cloudy Noon

I was lying on my bed, staring outside

A gloomy, feeling melancholy weather, partial dusky sky, weak and thin rains hitting on the ground.

A thin aluminum wire fire ants moving on it outside my window, the ants hitting their head and crossing each other.

A child’s sobbing sound, kennly reaching my ear, the motionless tussocks, and trees standing like gloomy monsters.

One bird quirked and came rushing like a black knife and sat on the wire, the ants lifted on the air and walloped on the ground hard, the bird flew off after doing its remarkable job.

One child with his m walking on the street, the child’s cherub ness filled my heart with little peace and joy.

The rain had became little bit stronger and the clouds also groaning occasionally.

Drops of rain falling from the shillings, the rains are silent and the wind is sleeping.

The silence was not absolute but the gloominess and eerie loneliness had created a claustrophobic scene.

One flag at top of the house was motionless, dull, liveles, waiting for the awaken wind.

The soft weather along with a lazy loneliness forcing me to close my eyes.

When I opene my eyes I heard the grave energetic noises of my friends , I jumped and rushed towards the entry door……

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