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A whole book of free-verse poems. This is for the depressed, anxious, poets, and broken people around the world who also share the love of poetry. Also you can find this book on Wattpad if you choose to read it there. My name on there is poetry1604. Snippet of a poem ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Healing is a very fragile process and you're a very fragile person So take all the time you need, try as much or as little as you can, because it's your healing who are they to tell you how to do it.

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I Once Knew A Girl

I once knew a girl who believed in the world
Her eyes would sparkle
Her smile could brighten up the room

But as the years went on I saw everything slowly dull

I saw her attempt to kill herself
I saw her cry her eyes out for hours
I saw her cry out for help

But no one noticed

She is now fifteen and starting to heal
I wish I could tell her how brave she was
I wish that I could shut her mind up

But I can’t because that girl is me

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