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A collection of self-written poetry about a recurring theme in the writer's dreams. Dreams about past lives and a man named Seth. To fantasy, dark romance, etc. readers/writers, I am open to collaboration!

Poetry / Romance
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June 14, 2020


My soul knew you from the life we lived in the past
until death separated our intertwined hands,
but changing clothes shall not erase what we had—
unbreakable is the red string but can be bent.

Before my deep sleep, I have never said goodbye—
reborn in a new mansion, but in the same house.
Desolate—breathing in the ever-changing sky,
in my dreams are the fragments of our exchanged vows.

The forgotten kings and queens of yesterday's dream,
our stories buried somewhere like sunken kingdoms.
We were the great monarchy we could never be—now;
all lived a lie, but the truth shall be seen in crumbs.

I am waiting for you to meet me once again;
emotions transcend laws, traditions, and lifetimes.
Remember that my love for you never died then—
in a blink of an eye, we shall be intertwined.

And in praise, the wolves are proudly howling our names
to the moon who kept the covenant of bygones.
As the sun shines on past lives we conquered and claimed,
ancient promises surmount the myths of the clock.
Forgive me because I have forgotten your face—
but it was your name I called between dusk and dawn.

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