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I'm not sure but it is a ride

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I see the way you look at me, I see the way you stare

Trying to figure out who I am just with what I wear

Too afraid to ask my name, just enough to hear

You breathing under my sheets at night

Just enough to care

Does it look like I care? Do I even look concerned? What you think

What you think about me.

I was just a kid when you did the deed.

That horrible creed

Alone in pain

All that you cared about was your own pleasure

Never the well being of others

Scared to speak up because of you

Scared of what you might do to my sister.

And I will never know what you did

What you did to her

She will never speak of that day

The day we went away

The way that we left

Left mom with you

Left her with a monster who isn’t our real


I will never call you that, never in a million years

You were the boogeyman

Who hurt me inside and out

The monster under my bed when I say goodnight

Thirteen years ago I was a little girl

Who lost her innocence to the cruel world

A little girl with a little sister who she cared for

Never in her life would she find herself

Victim to the hands of a monster

A monster hiding in plain day

I will never forget the way

You looked at me that day

The first day we met

The day I met the person who would ruin my world

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