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My mom decided against letting me drink coke only after I decided to run into my grandma’s glass cabinet. I can’t say I blame her, sugar charged us up – and made us do some wild things. And say some dangerous words.

“MOOOOOM LET GO OF ME” I say in protest,

She looks down at me with bewilderment, why is my child doing this to me?

Jesus Christ.

Can’t I just have a nice and easy day for once. This whole having “kids” idea has been a blessing, but damn they suckkk. Mama just wants to enjoy her chardonnay and listen to the music…

“Max you need to calm down, I don’t want to tell you again. This is grammy’s house and she’ll be very mad if you break something”

Sternly she adds, “You don’t want Grammy to yell at you again, do you?”

My eyes get wild, oh fuck no I don’t want that shit to happen.

I can feel the presence of my grandmother drift into my world, my face involuntarily gets red from embarrassment. I know she’s going to call me over; I can feel it in the air. I hear the grovel of years of smoking dark-blended Winston cigarettes grind through the air and into the kitchen.

“Max come in here, NOW”

Slowly I shuffle into the living room, with my head down staring at the carpeted floor.

I’m sorry, but why on earth would you carpet your entire house with a dark red-burgundy rug, like what are we vampires? Is it to hide the blood or something, because it reeks of stale cigarettes and fish; even a broke ass 8 year old has better taste. But I digress.

Her shoes are chunky and tan against the dark-red back drop. Her socks made of thin white cotton, were barely hidden under oversized jeans. In her fingers, twirling in between her large diamond rings, dangled a half-smoked cigarette slowly burning with the ashes growing longer with each silent second lingering in the air. Above a mellow-yellow turtle neck perched a wrinkled face of a women chained to her ship, chartering the seas of bloody burgundy toward some end far away from this world.

Convicted to her convictions, like some convict at the end of her prescription.

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