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School life

School life is mysterious

It changes you

It makes you different than your true thoughts

It leaves you in loss

And in pass

And it leaves you to stay

Maybe you have fear for your life

Or for your hard word

Or for your things

Or for your failed processes of helping a friend

It may have made you fall

Or rise

You may be the criminal

Or the victim

Or the stander

Or the pretender

Or the righteous one

But it keeps you at some consequences

And maybe for second a second chance

Which was too late

You spent your life

Keeping your urging in your seed

Maybe you don’t get

That you hurt

And you give hope

That’s as false as the crickets’ chirps

But you would probably fail school again

And it’s not you but your losses

That suffer

You regret

As much as the read of December

Or the rise of summer

But one thing is sure

It was mysterious

As to make you have ‘success’

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