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In the end

In the beginning,

You have hope

You have determination

You believe

You try

Because that’s all there is to do

And there is nothing else

Nothing to object to

It’s the only path you see

The forced path

The path to help you fight

But it’s meaningless

It’s all false

It’s all fake

Your love, hopes, determination,

Everything you do,

Which is all forced on you,

Is too much

You might be lucky

But that’s all

But that’s not true

In the middle you fall

Are you supposed to


Or lose?

It’s up to you

But it is?

Is it you who chose to take this path you can’t walk?

Is it you who was truly determined?


But it’s all there is

In the end you see

It is false

It is something

To make you fall into despair

To make you lose

It is a game of the gods

Nothing matters.

In the end,

It’s all wrong

It’s all a cage to trap you

And you can only escape

By fake luck

By fax

By selflessness

Who said what is true or not?

Nobody says it was false

Just as nothing is all righteous

Your own path

Where you might fall,


And hate,

You can cheat through

There’s nothing wrong with that;

Because in the end ,

It doesn’t matter

Any of it

Only your imaginations and

Egos and such......

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