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One does not need to know the facts to feel

Just as one does not need to feel to know the facts

They tell you only what’s best

Do only what’s best

They lie

But you know

Because you are underestimated

Because your life causes you

to step on fallen leaves to wreak through

You try to be on your own

They do things for what they need

They help you through themselves

They soon forget of you

What have they truly taught you?

It is now your own path

Forgotten by your soul

But not your body


They were right

Were it not for them

You would have not known

The truth

Of your own ruined leaf

Fallen on the water

Left out of hopelessness

Your needs

Were there when you are forced

Not forced to grow up

But forced to realize yourself

Of how you don’t need to see through your life.

You need to be responsible

Of how you act

Of how you feel

Of how you show

But not of how you live

It’s not up to you

Not anyone.

You need to rise through the rocks

To step on rotten weeds

As of to prevail

Only to this sense

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