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Let them say how you fell on your swollen mount

How you couldn’t rise on healthy deeds

How you were lost out of darkness

Shown on the mind of oneself

Let them know how you wronged

How you rotted


Faced and cowarded

But know to yourself:

There is hope

Many a things there are in evil

Many a things there are in carnage

In fail

In darkness

But the one that pulls you out of your shell,

Is hope

You must be prepared

Somehow out of those little wits and

Small maturities of yours

And you will find hope

Will you prevail and last , I do not know

But I know that you will find help

And it is your job to seek them out

Truly there are truths of fail and complete hardships

But so true is also of rather hope winning.

Let them truly know

That cowardice creates you anew

And you would be able to rise with hope on your heart

Only if you truly understand how shallow it can be

How empty,

Yet how sweet

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