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What is it

It makes the hooves thrall

It takes the moon small

It bakes the goose fall

It lays the sun full

It flays the men high

This lays the den by

They let it go past

But it helps loose

You loose what you take

But you pay what you give

You let your body take over

But you have your mind see over

What is it?

Do you feel it soft

And you see it harsh

Though you leave it out

It comes back just bayed

What is it?

You know it by even fall

Still it runs by night starch

It’s something you need

But something you throw

Do you want it,

Need it,

Have it,

Jail it,

Bail it,

Call it?

Thrice it falls not

But it pays nice.

What it it?

It’s you your something

Behind the undoegivable curtains

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