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It does not break

The shell does not crack

When the claws mows it sharp

The harp does not flutter

As the wargs foe it astutter

The lion does not fall

Seeing into the unknown

Crannoging down from the hells

From the light burning it’s mane

Those lights lay not in cane

As March takes it flows

The flowers run it rallying

As the dead feel the rain falling

Falling from the cave

Where there lay the creaks of summers

The lords do not jot falls

As to kneel on to casks

There were piers out there emptied

Who pray for their truths

The proud gods do not fail

Just to luck their hopes bailing

The heart lays not dying

But it falls running colder

You may try to help yourself

No joy in hand

No feels in mind

No rays in eyes

But hopes in heart

Though full of life

They run

They do lay foreignless

In the skies

That pierce through the rays

Of darkness not but shadows

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