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My life is mad

My world is rags

My home is lagged

My sense is balked

And the clothes are worn

With the plagues be worn

Not just warnings gone

But to reasons come

And with dogs and cats

Come bats and rags

With bolts and dolts

But never with ransoms

Huts bigger with madness

The sky in the midnoon

Filled with rank whiteness

But for not me happening

I see monsters scowling high.

The madness comes

My mind is balled

It doesn’t help

But make me sad

The world is a square

With the keys in a cake

The people kisfigured to the blithe

With the bleaches gone to happiness

I’ve gone mad

The dead chirps August

In my feeble mind of junust

And I don’t die for now

Because it’s my life I live

I’m mad

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