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The king is dead

And the queen is baked

With the prince being called

And the maiden being breeched

The sultan is rising high up

For the Raj feasting down blows

So the emperors beast high

And the people best too slow

The president eats and sleeps

And it lays up high down

While the people look out blank

And the court goes for more

There is no end to ranks

but for the end of the world

And the generals

And soldiers

And majors

Not matter much as bulks

The world is upside down indeed

Where we go

February to March

From week to year

And from day to holiday

No more hierarchy’s but respect

For not much but some lies

And for royals to step up

Means to stake you end down low.

You lose your best balls

But don't count the failures

Beacause hierarchy is all that matters

They are superior



Who gives?


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