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I see you everyday outside

But you never smile

Inknow you love the flowers lain

But you don’t come down

I witness your bossoms heel down

And my swiftness blossoms loan

The night is gray and full dots

But your scent is bright and zeal

And I see your love fall down sides ,

But no calls heed to me

The road is long and high

But she missed it all

I don’t see a life out there

But for layers of dust from you

Bent down and you would reel for,

Then lawns would tell you

I don’t love but you would envy

And it seems to lie

Wheee would I go this for those cells

And Youvwould kill me

Do I torture myself due

Or so I bolster thyself rue soon,

I see a road with doors open

But there’s no windows

Low lay the beasts and helps

But no bows the reeds gove

I see a path you can’t feel

But it’s smelly and old

Will you not come back to me soon

I would hear of roads

That you abandoned for those

You consumed too much

It’s gone.

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